Canvas Handbags

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Canvas bags are a common name for practical bags made of natural fabric, often unpainted. They are distinguished by their ecological compatibility, strength and ability to pass air. Canvas bags are used as convenient bags for purchases and replace disposable packages, and also are an excellent distributing material for conducting promo actions.
These Canvas Handbags made of natural textiles are easy to fold and do not take up much space in your purse. If necessary, you can use it at any time.
Canvas bags come in different sizes and shapes. So you can choose a large bag with wide comfortable handles of medium length, which are thrown over your shoulder or choose a small model or a bag for wine. Also, the products can be open or with a zipper. Therefore, in the selection process, it is necessary to determine what the accessory will be used for.
And unlike paetiline Canvas Handbags, such a bag can be used for a long time and it will not lose its beautiful appearance. If the product becomes soiled during use, it can be washed in a machine and reused after drying.

What kind of fabric are they from?
Bags canvas can be sewn from different fabrics, but it is important that they are natural. After all, this kind of Canvas Handbags must be environmentally friendly. So the most common models are sewn from:
Calico. The fabric has a plain weave. It is strong, durable, well-shaped, but soft to the touch and practical in use. It happens white, not worked, smooth-haired and stuffed. It is easy to apply a pattern or logo to calico in many ways.
Sails. Heavy fabric of thick fibers of hemp or flax. It is distinguished by its high strength and moisture resistance. Parsune Canvas Handbags are very durable and durable to use for shopping. Models can differ in shape and color.
Doubles. The fabric is characterized by increased strength due to the fact that a double thread of natural fibers is used for manufacturing. There are different weaves. In addition to strength, the twin-strand is hygroscopic and air-permeable. Canvas Handbags sewn from a dense two-strand are very practical and durable.
Kirszy. High density fabric made from natural fibers. It is also called a rough homespun cloth. It is great for making durable and practical Canvas Handbags, as it keeps the shape well and is highly dense.
Diagonal. This fabric is distinguished by a characteristic scar, which is evenly distributed over the entire area and has an inclination of 45 °. Such a pattern is obtained due to the selection of fibers for the base and weft and their special weave. The material has a high density (180-250 g / m²). Diagonal is also hygroscopic, good air permeability and hypoallergenic.

Flax. The natural fabric of flax fibers has a direct weave. Can differ in different thickness and color. Soft and pleasant to the touch. It is easily wrinkled, removes moisture well and lets in air. It differs in an uneven color, which makes it original in appearance. the density of the fabric is 220 g / m².
What are in form?
Canvas bags come in different types, sizes, shapes and colors. So there are models: rectangular, square, semicircular or elongated shape, and also with rounded corners.
Depending on the size, there are large capacious and small Canvas Handbags (holders for wine).
Also canvas bags are distinguished:
with a solid bottom. These differ in good capacity and are often equipped with sewn pockets and divisions.
No bottom. Small Canvas Handbags with thin handles and one large compartment.
By color, accessories can be light beige, white, black, gray or made in other monochrome colors. Applicants, stickers, embroidery, silkscreen printing, printing, etc., are used as decor of models.


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