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Gold Clutches, Handmade (#1037) New -67 %

Gold Clutches, Handmade (#1037)

Luxury Handbag for women,Handmade,High quality,PU Leather,made in Europe,Includes a dust bag.5 H * 7..

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Fashionable gold handbags for women

Accessories made for "metallic" are now popular. Particularly interesting are gold women's handbags. This subject of women's wardrobe attracts the views of others and serves as a beautiful addition to the fashion image. The tastefully selected leather-painted leather will be the accent of the fashionable elegant outfit and at the same time make it complete and harmonious. In this case, it is not necessary to select shiny shoes or boots under the bag, because each image must be different in individuality.

 Handbag and shoes, made in one color - it's an excellent set for almost any outfit. But the gold handbags & bag & purse serves as a bright accent, so do not complement the image with such expressive and bright shoes. After all, in this case, there is a risk of looking too brilliant and defiant, and sometimes tasteless. Moreover, many fashion designers do not recommend to choose the same color bag and boots. They believe that such a combination is no longer relevant.

There is an opinion that the matching accessories and shoes make a woman older. And of course no woman would want this.

With what to wear a gold handbags & bag & purse?

A women's handbag made from natural or artificial leather, painted with gold, is easily combined with fashionable clothes. It can be worn with a fur coat, coats, dresses, costumes and other items of women's wardrobe which are made in a monochromatic warm shade. The main thing in the selection process is to remember that the clothes should serve as a background for the main bright accent of the handbag.

Also suitable colors can be saturated dark shades (dark blue, burgundy, black, dark green, purple). Light pastel shades (peach, powdery) and warm colors (red, orange, brown) are also well combined.

If the image includes a gold handbags & bag & purse, then it is necessary to select minimalistic ornaments made of gold or gold-plated. However, they should not be allocated or occupy a large area. If it is a bracelet or a strap, then they must be thin and unobtrusive. Otherwise, there is a risk of being like a "shiny" Christmas tree.

It is not necessary to combine in a single set a gold bag with outfits sewn from print fabric. This lasciviousness in itself is an ornament and it does not need to be supplemented with bright accents.

It is also worth considering the size of the bag when selecting fashion accessories and jewelry. If you decide to buy a gold handbags & bag & purse of a large size, then it is better to wear it with a laconic design. And do not unite in a single image massive gold jewelry. In this case, it is sufficient to use a small brooch or suspension. Do not use clothes with metal decor in this manner. After all, different in color details with a metallic sheen will reduce the cost of attire and emphasize the lack of good taste.

Buy a gold women's bag

If there is a desire to fill up your wardrobe with such a fashionable accessory, then before buying, think over for which case you will use it.

If you want to wear it as an everyday model, then choose a large voluminous bag made of quality genuine leather. If you are looking for a small clutch that you plan to use several times and do not want to overpay, then you can look at cheaper analogues from the substitute. But here there is a risk to look ridiculous, because cheap shine can be too noticeable.

In the everyday image can also look good comfortable large backpack, made for gold. Most often, these models are suitable for costumes in the style of kizhual. To them can choose fashionable sneakers of white color.