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With the help of a well-chosen green handbags & bag & purse, you can create several different fashionable bows. Therefore, modern girls who keep pace with the times, try to choose and buy a female green bag of a suitable style in order to have in the wardrobe a universal accessory for different occasions.


Green has a positive effect on people's well-being. It calms the nervous system, allows you to release tension and remove from stress, improves mood, and also allows your eyes to relax. Therefore, accessories of green color will not be superfluous in the women's wardrobe.

A green handbags & bag & purse can be made in a variety of shades. The thing is that green is a marching color. It is created by mixing the two main ones: yellow and blue. Therefore, it includes many different shades. So the most popular shades of green are:







light green.

Such a variety of tones and shades is very "on hand" to women of fashion, because they can easily pick a suitable option for a color scheme and buy a fashionable green bag.

To make the bag look harmonious in the image it is worth choosing the right shade. So if a woman wears a dark suit, then the bag should be a dark green color. If there are light shades in the outfit or a pure white color is used, then an emerald or pistachio shade accessory may be preferred.

When choosing such a model, it is also important to pay attention to shape, material, functionality and size.

With what to wear?

To bag well combined with a dress it is necessary to select a model, made in the same style as other objects of the image.

A quality leather bag made of a smooth material, which is characterized by a laconic design, will be appropriate to look with business suits of soft colors. With everyday dresses, for example jeans and T-shirts, as well as skillfully complement the costume in the style of Kezhual.

For a more festive bow, you can safely choose small clutches of smooth or textured leather, as well as neat little bags with a beautiful decor of metal, rhinestone or embroidery.

Shoes do not necessarily match the color of the bag. This decision will only spoil the fashionable outfit and add to the age.

Bag size

As for the size of the green handbags & bag & purse, then you need to remember the rule: the more elegant the costume, the smaller the bag.

So for everyday wear, you can buy a large green bag, sewn from soft, pleasant to the touch of the skin. It is practical, durable and looks attractive enough.

For walks, it is better to choose a green female leather backpack, a sling or a handbag over the shoulder. Such models are medium-sized and suitably look with different types of clothing.

For the office, women choose green leather briefcases. To the image was completed, they complement it with other accessories of the same shade. Portfolios are relatively small, but they easily fit into themselves tablets, netbooks and folders. They look stylish and presentable, which emphasizes the style of the costume.

For a beach or a walk outside the city, you can buy a textile green bag or a backpack made of durable textiles. Such models are quite practical in sock. Well accommodate the necessary things for rest, cosmetics and other items. At the same time, they are easy to clean and wash. Also, beach bags can be made of transparent plastic green and other bright colors. Such models are sure to appeal to young women who like to attract attention.