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Silver Clutches, Handmade (#1038) New -67 %

Silver Clutches, Handmade (#1038)

Luxury Handbag for women,Handmade,High quality,PU Leather,made in Europe,Includes a dust bag.5 H * 7..

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The metallic glow of the silver handbags & bag & purse beautifully complements the fashion image. Of course, if such an accessory is matched with taste and fits well with other objects. To learn how to beautifully choose an outfit for a women's silver bag is to learn a few fashion tips.

Previously, metallic accessories were used in images for an evening out or a celebratory celebration. Now silver and gold bags are found much more often. Designers demonstrate such models at shows and recommend using them in everyday images. Products made of leather, painted with silver, attract attention to themselves and if such an object is used in a suit with a laconic design, it certainly acts as a bright accent. And on the contrary, if combined with other accessories in the metallic style, it completely transforms the woman and makes her outfit very unusual, bright and even slightly futuristic.

With what to wear a silver handbags & bag & purse

Silver metallic gloss is well combined with cold shades. Therefore, silver accessories look beautiful in many ways. The main thing that this bow differed moderation and competent layout. The silver handbags & bag & purse is suitable for dresses made in a laconic design with no frills. Clothing can be sewn from single-colored fabrics of cool colors.

Shoes should be selected very carefully. Shoes, sandals or other models sewn from silvery leather will be appropriate only in a very solemn case. For the everyday image it is better to choose colored shoes of cold or neutral shades sewn from leather or better suede. This combination of textures will make the image very interesting and pleasant to look at. Suede shoes with a matte texture beautifully combined with the metallic shine of accessories and makes the image charming.

The bag will be appropriate to look also with silver ornaments. And you should use only a few items, so that the image does not look overloaded. A large number of different decorations with metallic luster and silver metallic clutch or purses can ruin the stylish bow and make it lurid.

The bag can be worn with a coat of plain textured fabric. Black, brown, dark blue or white model will look with such an accessory quite elegantly and original. Also, you can safely combine a silver handbags & bag & purse with leather raincoats or jackets.

Silver handbag for evening dress

To create a beautiful evening dress, you can take a small black dress and complement it with a neat handbag. It can be:

minodiour with a hard skeleton, original drapery and rhinestones,

folding clutch;

the envelope;

handbag on a metal chain;

ring bag (bag with pens with finger rings) and others.

Evening silver handbags for women are distinguished by their accuracy and elegance. Such models will well complement the exquisite evening image and emphasize good taste. But they should be combined with beautiful monophonic outfits and suitable footwear.

If you plan to use a purse for a grand celebration, then you can combine it with the same shiny shoes or dress. If a more modest reception is planned, then such a combination can spoil the image and make it unsuitable.

Silver bag for everyday wear

Modern women of fashion often use large capacious bags made of leather, painted metallic (silver) as a daily accessory. This solution looks quite bold and makes the image stylish and expressive. In this case, you should carefully select clothes and shoes. The silver handbags & bag & purse should be the most expressive and central accent, and the other items are just a background. Therefore, it is better to choose one-color clothes without decor. Well with these bags look jeans, blouses and blouses.