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How to choose a good wallet for women?
Women's wallet first of all should like your mistress. At the same time, it must be functional, practical and qualitative. Therefore, when choosing a model, it is worth paying attention to:
Material. A good wallet is made of durable practical material. If you want to have a presentable quality purse, choose a product made of genuine leather. He will serve for a long time, he will not rub out, he will not scratch or polish. Also, the model will have a beautiful and respectable look.
Functionality. If the wallet will be used exclusively for storing notes, you can choose a narrow model with two compartments. But if you plan to place cards, coins, photos of relatives, documents, phone and other trifles, then choose a suitable model with different departments for storage. This wallet for women is large and large.

Practicality. In addition, the wallet should be practical. Therefore, it is worth choosing a model of natural shades, so that it can be worn with different designs for bags. The size of the model also matters. During the selection, check whether it is suitable for storing all the bills that you plan to store there (remember that the euro is a bit wider than the dollars). Also, it does not hurt to make sure that you put the purse in your purse.
Fittings. Qualitatively manufactured wallet should have a reliable durable hardware. In order not to be disappointed because of a broken lightning or button, check when buying, how they close and open several times, and also look carefully at the attachment points of the hardware to the material. There should be no crooked lines, hanging threads, etc.
Design. For women's wallets, design plays an important role, because to make the image consistent and stylish, every detail should be chosen with taste. Often ladies pick up a purse design so that it fits well with a bag, passport cover, business card, eyeglass case, phone case, etc.

In what purses are "money" found?
There is an opinion that money requires respect. And in order to keep them in the wallet you need to choose the right size and color of the accessory.
Many advise you to choose wallets solely from natural good materials. In this there is some truth, because such a model serves a long time, and saves the finances of the hostess.
So purses of red, brown and zloty color are considered the most money. This is because such colors symbolize wealth.
The size of the wallet in this case, too, plays out its role. Recommend buying a model that fits in the palm of your hand. After all, in this case, the owner washes to keep his wealth in his hand.
It is not desirable to have a purse torn or in poor condition. After all, the money will soon be out of him.
Believe in these signs or not everyone's personal business. But as for the attractive appearance and the absence of cracks and other defects, it is worth while listening. After all, the purse should be the pride of the hostess, so that she is not afraid to pull it out of the bag if necessary to pay or take a card.


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